Tien Len Mien Nam – Casino players should not ignore this


  Tien Len Mien Nam is quite a familiar sport and is loved by many players. For this card game Hii88, in general, the rules and betting methods in the North, Central, and South are similar. So what are you waiting for? Let’s find out in the article below some outstanding features of the Southern Tien Len card game.

Overview of the Southern Tien Len card game

Tien Len Mien Nam is the name of the game using a deck of 52 cards. This deck of cards has become extremely familiar and is played very commonly at many bookmakers. Therefore, creating Tien Len Mien Nam games on a grand scale is focused on by many casinos to bring great experiences to players.

Tien Len Mien Nam is the name of the game using a deck of 52 cards
Tien Len Mien Nam is the name of the game using a deck of 52 cards

A Tien Len Mien Nam match must involve a minimum of two or more players and a maximum of four players. Once settled, players will be dealt 13 random cards. Thus, players must rely on their skills as well as their sharp thinking and calculations to make the right moves and win the most convincing victory.

Basic rules of the Southern Tien Len card game

The rules of this card game are extremely simple, anyone can easily access them. This game does not require players to have a lot of in-depth experience or good reasoning skills. The rules of Tien Len Mien Nam are simple: the first person to play all 13 cards will be the winner. However, this game also has a few rules that you should keep in mind such as:

  • In the first hand, the player who owns three Spades will be the winner. In the following rounds, the order of players will be based on who comes first.
  • The larger cards will beat the smaller cards of the previous player. Thus, the next player must play cards of greater value than the previous player.
  • Any player who owns 4 pairs of pigs will be considered a clear winner.
  • Any player who has 6 consecutive pairs of cards is also considered a winner.
You need to understand the rules of Tien Len Mien Nam card game
You need to understand the rules of Tien Len Mien Nam card game

Instructions on how to play Tien Len Mien Nam card game

Before starting the game, all participants in that casino must negotiate a certain bet level together. Then, the Dealer will proceed to deal the cards to everyone, each person will receive 13 random cards. And the card playing process is carried out as follows:

Receive articles and arrange them

After receiving a total of 13 cards, the system will automatically arrange the cards by value from small to large or into pairs if there are cards of equal value. Arranging these cards will help players easily grasp all the cards to come up with appropriate playing strategies and win the best.

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Start the game

Among all Tien Len Mien Nam participants, the player who owns the 3 of Spades, which is the smallest card in the deck, will play first. That player will be able to play a 3 of a kind, a 3 of a kind, or a pair of 3s depending on the cards they own and their playing style.

After that, the next person will receive the previous person’s turn and must use a card larger than the card previously played. That is, the previous person plays a 3, then the next person can play a larger 3 or play a 4 or larger cards.

In case the 2nd player has no cards to follow, the turn will pass to the 3rd person. If the casino only has 2 players, the round will switch back to the first player. Thus, the round will follow clockwise order and play until all the cards are gone.

Tien Len card game has extremely simple gameplay

During the game, players can play double or tứ quý heo, three pairs of cards or cards in close order such as 8, 9, 10, J, K, Q. Thus, the person who runs out of cards first will win. is the winner. The remaining players continue to play until they run out of cards to arrange second, third and last place.

Experience playing Southern Tien Len cards that you should know

Tien Len Mien Nam is not a game of chance, it requires players to rely on their card skills and strategies if they want to win. Here are some experiences in playing Tien Len Mien Nam that players can refer to to improve their chances of winning. Specifically:

  • Observe your opponent’s every move to reason and make the right decisions when playing cards. You should think carefully before each move, ensuring that your opponent will have a hard time defending your cards.
  • Determine your fixed capital source before playing. This will help you avoid negative capital or falling into debt.
  • You need to clearly understand the large and small values of cards of the same number. This will make your entrance more professional.
  • Be calm, confident and patient during the card playing process. This will help you gain an objective view and be able to make the best decisions.

The above article is a summary of general information related to the Southern Tien Len card game. It can be said that this is one of the extremely popular games and brings many attractive reward values to players. So why wait any longer until Hi88 discovers this card game right away?