Achraf Hakimi: From Talented Young Player to World Soccer Star



Achraf Hakimi is a Moroccan footballer, currently playing for French club PSG and the Moroccan national team. He is known for his speed and skillful technique, along with his ability to play flexibly in many different positions on the field. With rapid development and enormous influence in world football, Achraf Hakimi is considered one of the most talented and potential young players today. Let’s find out with JUN88!


Outstanding journey from Real Madrid to PSG


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Outstanding journey from Real Madrid to PSG


Achraf Hakimi started his career at the Real Madrid youth team in 2006 when he was only 7 years old. He went through the club’s training levels and received high praise for his abilities from his coaches. In 2016, Achraf Hakimi officially joined the Real Madrid Castilla youth team and after only one year, he was called up to the first team to participate in La Liga matches.


Even though he is a young player, Achraf Hakimi has proven his ability with smart plays and passes. He is also one of the fastest players in Real Madrid’s first team, allowing him to play as a full-back as well as a right striker. With this flexible transition, Achraf Hakimi conquered coach Zinedine Zidane and became one of the young players included in Real Madrid’s first team.


In 2018, Achraf Hakimi was loaned to German club Dortmund to gain more experience playing in the Bundesliga. Here, he showed his abilities and became one of the important players in Dortmund’s squad. Achraf Hakimi’s first season at Dortmund, he had 9 assists and scored 4 goals in 28 appearances. This shows the progress of this player and his influence on the team.


After a successful season at Dortmund, Achraf Hakimi returned to Real Madrid but was not trusted by coach Zidane and he decided to move to Italy’s Inter Milan on a loan contract. Here, Achraf Hakimi continued to develop and become one of the important players in Inter Milan’s squad, helping this team win the Scudetto after 11 years of waiting. He is also the highest scorer in the city of Milan in 2020 with 7 goals.

Not only successful at Inter Milan, Achraf Hakimi is also considered one of the best young players in Serie A last season. He was nominated for the “Best Young Player” list at the 2021 Giuseppe Meazza Award, along with other famous names such as Federico Chiesa or Gianluigi Donnarumma.


Thanks to his impressive achievements at Inter Milan, Achraf Hakimi attracted the attention of many top European clubs and he eventually chose PSG to continue his career. With a transfer value of up to 60 million euros, Achraf Hakimi has become the Moroccan player with the highest transfer value in football history.

Influence on world football

Influence on World Football

Achraf Hakimi’s departure from Real Madrid to big clubs like Dortmund and Inter Milan showed his growth and influence on world football. Although only 22 years old, Achraf Hakimi is considered one of the most influential young players today.

With his humble personality and love for football, Achraf Hakimi has become one of the players admired for his dedication and efforts. He is also one of the few Moroccan players who is considered an outstanding talent and has an influence on world football.

Achraf Hakimi’s success has also contributed to creating a diversity of players of African origin in world football. With experience playing in Spain, Germany and Italy, Achraf Hakimi has become a symbol of the existence of young players from Africa in soccer.

Besides, Achraf Hakimi’s flexible playing ability has also created a new trend in modern football. Being able to play in many positions on the field helps him meet many of the coaches’ requests and become one of the important versatile players in the squad.

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With rapid progress and great influence on world football, Achraf Hakimi is considered one of the most potential young players today. His journey from Real Madrid to PSG showed the outstanding ability and talent of a young player.