Hi88 Agent – Opportunity to Make Huge Money with Investment from 0 VND


  Hi88 agent offers the opportunity to receive commissions up to 60% with clear compensation policies. This is considered a huge opportunity to make money without losing investment capital for those who love online games. Let’s learn in detail about the house’s conditions, support as well as how to register as an agent below shared by the house’s team.

Policy conditions to become a Hi88 agent

Like many other bookmakers, the unit has clear regulations to establish the best agent system. This is to help give each individual clear cooperation and ensure the best interests. Conditions to enjoy commissions and benefits đại lý Hi88 Specifically include:

Policy on specific conditions to become a valid agent at Hi88

  • Individuals aged 18 or older and account registration can only be made on 1 phone number and bank account.
  • Make sure there are at least 3 valid members: Members with a deposit of 1,000 points and a successful bet of 3,000 points or more.
  • Generate net profit of 1 point or more. This profit is calculated by subtracting the total winnings and losses, return costs, promotions and platforms.

The Hi88 agent If all of the above conditions are met, commission will be calculated at each specific level. Thanks to that, there are actively operating agents who can collect up to tens of millions a month without having to spend any investment capital.

Benefits that Hi88 agents enjoy from the house

The reason becoming an agent cooperating with the unit is considered an easy way to make money because the benefits that Hi88 brings are huge. Below is the calculation of commissions, agent bonuses as well as the benefits of cooperative development that the brand brings. Each person can consult to get the best decision.

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Super attractive bonuses when being an agent at Hi88

The unit is considered one of the bookmakers with the highest payout rates for agents today. In addition to receiving monthly commissions, they are also rewarded according to the number of new members created. Therefore, if you operate well, your income will be very high.

Agent commission reaches 60%

Currently the house’s commission Hi88 for its agents specifically as follows:

  • Agents who achieve a net profit of 1 point and reach 3 members will receive a 35% commission, if they have 5 members they will be paid 45%.
  • Agents with 10 valid members and a net profit of 100,000 points or more will be charged 50%.
  • Agents receive a commission of 55% if they reach 20 members and 1,000,000 net profit points.
  • Highest commission payout for Hi88 agentis 60% with the condition of having at least 30 members and net profit reaching 5,000,000 points.

Becoming a Hi88 agent you can receive up to 60% commission

How to calculate commission for agents according to the formula: Net profit * commission rate.

Hi88 agent bonus when adding new members

In order to help each individual get excited when developing new members, the house also offers clear bonus regulations. Specifically, for every new member in the month you are developed, you will receive 200 points. This unlimited bonus is calculated specifically according to the amount the agent achieves each month.

Hi88 agents benefit from the support of the house

Accordingly, Hi88 is a reputable bookmaker, so becoming a partner here will not cost you too much to promote your image. This also makes it easy to develop new members due to the trust the unit brings in the market.

Furthermore, the house also regularly has major campaigns to promote its image and expand market coverage. In particular, promotions that are launched regularly are also the reason why more new members register.

Besides, as a Hi88 agent, each person will receive maximum support with diverse contact channels available 24/7. Thanks to that, all problems can be answered as quickly as possible.

Quick instructions on how to register as an agent at Hi88

Just like a member, if you want to become one Hi88 agent must register an account. The optimized steps are quite simple, it only takes players 2-3 minutes to complete. Quick guides include:

Simple agent registration takes 2-3 minutes

  • Access the “Agent” section on the house’s homepage via the latest website link or mobile app.
  • At this time, another page will open with full information about the dealer’s agent. Go to the “Register” section, a new window will appear asking you to fill in some information including:

+ Account: Account of Hi88 agent With requests starting with a letter, you can also add a guaranteed number from 2 to 15 characters.

+ Password: Character sequence of 6 or more with full letters, numbers or special characters to ensure the strongest protection.

+ Confirm password: You need to fill in the exact sequence of password characters set above.

+ Full name: Fill in correctly, in capital letters without accents, matching the name printed on the bank card.

+ Phone number: Fill in completely and accurately the personal mobile number you are using.

+ Verification code: The system will send automatically and completely randomly to determine that you are not a robot.

  • Click “Register now” after checking to ensure the information is accurate and complete.

Hi88 agent With simple conditions and commissions up to 60%, the opportunity to get rich is open to anyone today. You will quickly earn hundreds of millions every month without investing any money when cooperating. Quickly register to increase your income today!