OKVIP Volunteer – Spreading the Journey of Sharing Love


OKVIP volunteering is considered an activity that brings many practical values ​​to society. Currently, the Okvip alliance is working hard to mobilize and make efforts to implement many different charity projects across the country. Let’s learn about the meaning and values ​​the brand brings through the following article.

Okvip Group’s goals come from volunteer activities

OKVIP Volunteers outline clear goals on their journey to serve society, specifically:

OKVIP Volunteer

Okvip Group’s goals come from volunteer activities

A few words of introduction about Okvip Group – a reputable brand with 10 years of experience

OKVIP Group, with headquarters located in the Philippines, was established in 2016. Since its inception, OKVIP has not only focused on career development but also on charity programs and positive contributions. for the society. The company regularly organizes trips and journeys to share love with many people across the country.

In addition to bringing value to the betting community, OKVIP also creates a lot of meaning through charitable activities that are beneficial to society. The projects that OKVIP sponsors and implements receive support from the government and appreciation from the community. This not only demonstrates the company’s social responsibility but also helps build the image of a reputable brand, always accompanying the development of society.

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The goal of OKVIP volunteer activities

The goal of OKVIP volunteer group is to help every individual in society have the opportunity to develop and improve their lives. Not only the leadership but all employees of OKVIP have a compassionate heart, always actively respond and take the time to participate.

OKVIP’s future development orientation is to strengthen charitable activities, promote contributions and accompany the community for a compassionate society. The Group believes that, through these efforts, they will contribute to building a sustainable and developed community.

OKVIP brand and meaningful volunteer activities

Below are the most prominent programs that the OKVIP alliance will carry out in 2023:

OKVIP brand and meaningful volunteer activities

Program “Connecting love”

In a series of charity programs highly appreciated by the community, OKVIP always remembers the special event “Connecting Love” taking place in Hanoi in June 2023. At this event, OKVIP Group jointly organized the program “Porridge to spread love”, distributing 600 free meals to patients and relatives at the Hanoi Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion. These meals are not only material support but also a message of encouragement and support to overcome difficulties during treatment.

OKVIP Volunteer – Gratitude program for revolutionary heroes

OKVIP did not forget to pay tribute to the revolutionary veterans in Hai Duong on the occasion of National Day September 2. The group’s leaders visited the memorial of Thanh Tung commune, Thanh Mien district, and presented gifts such as cash, ginseng… and good health wishes to those who spent their lives building and protect our beloved Fatherland.

OKVIP volunteering achievements achieved

OKVIP’s values ​​are not only in providing necessary necessities, but also in raising emotions and love from the hearts of those participating in charity events. The group are volunteers who bring smiles, hugs and meaningful words of encouragement.

The results of volunteering the OKVIP brand have achieved

Experiences in volunteer programs not only enrich the souls of those shared, but also make volunteers more humane, more sensitive and more connected to the community.

With the mission of bringing joy and hope to everyone, OKVIP Alliance constantly spreads rays of kindness and love throughout all parts of the country.


With all sincerity, the OKVIP alliance has accompanied thiện nguyện Okvip programs throughout their journey of formation and development. Thereby, the brand has proven that in addition to providing quality services to customers, the house also performs social responsibility well. Let’s join hands to contribute to the community with the OKVIP alliance at… now!