What Happens To My Bet If Postponed Or Cancelled

what happens if my bet is postponed
what happens if my bet is postponed or cancelled ?

What Happens To My Bet If Postponed Or Cancelled ? We explain what happens to your postponed or Cancelled bet, if the bet is won or lost.

It could be frustrating after spending a lot of time, surfing the internet, making thorough analysis on a particular game and come up with a betting option that you are convinced is a winner and at good odds too. Then later on, the match is postponed or cancelled! What annoying this would be! That in itself is very frustrating but the uncertainty about what happens to your bet is also extremely annoying. Here at passionpredict.com/news page, we explain what happens to your postponed or Cancelled, if the bet won or lost. You can read more about void bets, and other various reasons why a bet could be voided here.

As we stated in that piece, there are numerous reasons why a match could be postponed or cancelled, with rain, snow, and frozen pitches and tracks all causing disruption, especially during the winter months and for events held at smaller or less sophisticated venues.

The question of what happens to a bet if it is postponed or cancelled is both simple and difficult. Simple since there are only two possibilities, but complex because how these are used differs from one betting site to the next, depending on the sport, and also involves a variety of different factors.

What happens to my bet if a football match is abandoned?

All bets on matches abandoned before the completion of normal time will be void unless the fixture is continued on the same date (local time). This does not apply to bets on markets determined before the actual interruption of play, or if our rules state otherwise at the time you place your bet.

betway postponed bet
betway postponed bet

According to betway, all postponed games will be void in a multi bet. All affected single bets will be refunded.

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A Postponed Bet Stands If: 

A postponed bet will still stand, if the fixture, event or tournament is played at some future date. Usually, if the details of the new date are decided quickly and the re-scheduled event takes place quite soon (this may be within 48 hours, 72 hours or even a week) the original bet and odds will stand and simply roll forward onto the new date and time.

As said, the exact details of the relevant timings vary according to the sport, the event and the bookie so check the rules at the bookmaker you used, listed under postponement and/or the relevant sport. Alternatively you could contact the bookie in question and ask them whether your bet will stand, or if it will be voided.

A Postponed Bet or Cancelled Event is  Bet Void if: 

Whilst it is not uncommon for a bet to stand, the more likely scenario is that it will become a void bet. As said, you can get more info on this on explanation on void bets but in essence, the chances are that if an event is cancelled entirely or postponed to a date some way in the future, or even postponed to a date yet to be confirmed, the bet will become void. This means your stake is simply returned and the wager is null and void: you don’t win and you don’t lose.